Incident & Legal Investigations

Incident & Legal Investigations

When incidents occur, the first priority is to understand the causes and put fixes in place. Legal issues can also be generated. Engistics provide solutions for both areas.



Incident Investigations:

  • Identify systems gaps

  • Pinpoint root causes

  • Provide explanatory reports that can be easily understood by stakeholders

  • Develop solutions

  • Experience with the ICAM system of analysis

  • Legal Investigations:

    If potential legal issues may come into play, Engistics has experience in:

  • Providing basic advice on when and how to involve legal professionals.

  • Working for and with legal counsel.

  • Doing incident investigations and reports in legal format.

  • Performing under the Expert Witness Rules.

  • Court testimony where requested.

  • Some of our Clients include:

    Our Legal Clients include:

  • NSW Crown Solicitor's Office

  • Sparke Helmore

  • Lander & Rogers

  • K&L Gates

  • Thomsons Lawyers

  • Maddocks

  • McCullough Robertson