Multi-Modal Restraint

Engistics - Multi-Modal Restraint

Engistics can provide load restraint and safety solutions for road, rail, sea and air freight.

Multi-modal freight, where more than one mode of transport is utilised for a single load is a growing proportion of the total freight task.

Engistics understands the different load forces and compliance regimes applied within these transport modes.

Recent incidents, including fatalities, have shown that many companies are exposed to risk through non-compliant container loads. We work with consignors of freight to ensure containers are “stuffed” correctly to handle the harsh and differing transport forces from sea, road and rail.

We can provide systems that are safe, and compliant to each and all modes of transport. At the same time, Engistics works with the consignor and transport companies to retain efficiency.

For some great information on the forces experienced by multimodal loads, see the German Container Handbook