Load Restraint Guidelines and Testing

Engistics - Load Restraint Guidelines and Testing

Engistics specialise in Diagrammatic Guidelines that distil sometimes complex engineering into simple user friendly guidelines.

We have worked with our clients to develop over 70 engineered load restraint guidelines for applications including:

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Chemical IBCs and packages

  • Long, flat and tubular steel products

  • Aircraft containers

  • Portable buildings

  • Over dimension heavy lift items

  • Engistics engineers are qualified to provide certified, load-specific guides to the requirements of Section I of The National Transport Commission, Load Restraint Guide. Certification to International standards such as EN12195 and IMO is also available if required.

    To provide cutting edge efficiency, solutions will sometimes require full scale testing. We undertake both tilt and dynamic load restraint tests as appropriate to verify systems performance when needed.

    We have the necessary specialist test equipment to ensure these tests are completed safely and in compliance to the NTC, EN12195, IMO or other appropriate standards.

    Example of Driver Friendly Guidelines